Frequently Asked Questions

What is GainMalls?

GainMalls is a SAAS (Software As A Service) Platform to help malls hedge their business into online marketplaces. It helps malls leverage their local strength (and brand awareness) and build an online marketplace taking their entire ecosystem (brick and mortar vendors) and expand revenues, catchment area, range of merchandise and offsite merchants.

What are the main features of GainMalls?

How malls can be benefited from GainMalls?

How does GainMalls help in the expansion of Malls?

Does GainMalls work for my country?

How many stores can be supported in the GainMalls mall?

I heard that with GainMalls order delivery duration is short. Is it true?

Is there any limit to the number of products uploaded per store or category?

As a mall admin, can I customize my website without programming knowledge?

Can I customize the way taxes are collected on sales?

What are the payment gateways does GainMalls support?

Does GainMalls support COD (Cash on delivery) features.

How do I structure the delivery/pickup services?

Who manages the individual stores?